Friday, 21 March 2008


There is only one God. I believe many of the religious group believe in that statement. Even the Christian who believes in the trinity concept says that the God is only one…. The Father is God, the Holy Ghost is God and Jesus is God but they are one God. At the same time the Hindus who is known to have so many statues Gods also claims that there is only one God. So, in short I can make a conclusion that all the religion is trying to go as per God instruction in life. They worship God in their own way as per their teaching from their holy book. This statement may sound that I generalise all the religion in the world. Believe me I am not trying to do it but I have my reason is saying it. So, the bottom line is it’s a good thing to worship GOD and sound like all the religion is trying to do the same thing. So, why many religion is trying to pull other religion believers to their faith? There must be something different between those religions.
I would like to bring another perspective in looking at the issue of religion. Before we say that we’re worshipping God, how many of us ever ask God how he wants to be worshipped? It’s very important for us to know how God want to be worshipped because if we worship God not the way he want he may not accept it. Some religion does the praying by singing, some I saw dancing, some by sit and bow and so many other ways. In my view we need to ask God before we worship Him. If not we may insult Him by worshipping Him the way he hate or doesn’t like it. So, the best way to worship God is to read on what he said about worshipping is His book. But reading can lead to many interpretations. Therefore, God needs to send someone to show an example on the right way of worshipping.
In this context we need to review all religions way of praying and see whether it suite the right criteria. The first criteria, it must be explained in the Holy Book of the religion. Secondly, it must be demonstrated by a person selected by God normally called a prophet/messenger. Thirdly, this selected person by God shall be clearly mentioned in the Holy Book. If not, so many people will claim that they are the person sent by God.
Unless these three criteria is fulfil, I don’t think we should accept the praying as the right way to pray. This is very important because if we worship God the wrong way, we may insult Him. I just give an examples, some religion is burning fake money as a way of worship and put some fruits in front of the fire. In my opinion this can result in insulting God if they have no solid reference to it. Why I said it may insult God because in the first place they use fake money. Don’t they think that God is watching what they are doing? Are they trying to cheat God? For the fruit, doesn’t God who created the fruits? Does God eat fruit? If not, this may result is insulting God. God might be happier if we give the fruit to the poor and let them enjoy them. I just want to give another example. All of us have father and mother. As a child we are trying to make our parents happy. Some are trying to make them happy by buying them expensive stuff, some pay them frequent visit, some keep sending them a lot of money for their needs while some is taking them for holidays around the world. My point is, do we ask our parents what make them happy. We may send them a lot of money but for them it’s not important. What is important is they want us to visit them as frequent as possible because they want to play with their grandchild. This analogy may not suit God but my point is we have to ask God how He want to be worshipped.
Now I am coming to the next discussion about the right way of praying. Before I started, I would like to ask a question. Can God change the way he wants him to be worshipped? By the way, whatever the answer in your mind, who are we to tell God that he shouldn’t change the way of worship forever. He is God and he can change whatever he want whenever he want it. He doesn’t need to submit the revised or the new praying method for mankind approval. As we believe God is Fair, he must let the people know if how want to change it. The way to let the people know is by sending them a new Holy Book and a new Messenger. As God issued the new praying method thru the new prophet he will declare in the book that everyone must follow the messenger. We heard many messenger stories in the teaching of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In fact they share many of the early prophets. Some people ask me why God needs to change the way of praying from time to time. The answer is simple. He is God. He can do what he likes. But, is there another logical answer? Yes, there is. Since God is the creator of the mankind and the universe, He the one and only who knows what is necessary to keep the people at the right path. Some believers may ask in his mind, when is the end of the change if God keeps changing it? Of course he will tell the mankind which is the last way to worship him. Until God mentioned it clearly in his Holy Book, then it is not the end yet and it will keep going. It’s all up to Him. Anyway, he is God what. He can order us but we have no way to order him.
Some believers may ask, what is so important to keep changing the way of worship? If you want the accurate answer ask God. If you ask me, I will say that, in my opinion, he wants to be fair to the people. I have read some stories about how long the prayer of the old people in the history of Mosses/Musa. It’s because God give them a very long years of live but in the 21st century, God can make it short to suit the lifestyle of his slave. Besides, he may want to test the mankind whether they really want to worship Him or not. If we are the true believers anything coming from God, we should have accepted it without any question. Of course after some way to qualify that it’s truly from God as I mentioned. It must come with a new book and a prophet/messenger.
If you’re still searching, do not limit yourself to a teaching. Keep searching until you find what God state clearly, this is the last teaching that I want you to follow. Keep your mind open and always ask God for guidance. In my next article I will discuss about the criteria of Holy Book from God.
Thank you for reading….. May God bless be with you..